Our family is from Käringön, and extends as far back as the 18th century. Camilla's great grandfather Martinus was a fisherman here on the island and also his father Jacob and many far back in their ranks. Camilla's old grandmother Victoria who was married to Martinus also had in her family, fishing as a profession. Victoria's mother was Augusta and her father was Bernard. Bernad was a bit more everything in everything, a skipper, fisherman and businessman. He sailed with his boat load (which was salted fish) from Käringön to Ystad to sell his fish. He also sailed with tourists to Svalbard.
Camilla's wonderful grandmother Märta, was also born and raised on the island. In 1944 she met her love, Camilla's beloved grandfather Erik. Erik came from Skärhamn. They met when Erik was in the military at Vedholmen. He had to row over to Käringön to fetch water. It was love at first sight.  
"You never know what happens when you're out and about!" - Erik Berndtsson April 3, 1989

Kenth came to life and he too grew up on the island, such as his mother & relatives. Kenth has always had a dream, ever since he was little. To run any business on Käringön. For many years he has wished the island to be more vibrant all year round. That's why Kenth & Camilla, father & daughter, "Karingo" started.

The idea of ​​Karingo came about in Märta's old boathouse "Alpha". An oyster farm with oysters / champagne bar and hot tub. Karingo is operated during the fall, winter and spring and has closed during the summer. Karingo has closed during the summer, because there is already so much to do during this season on the island. Karingo wants to offer our guests a memorable stay on the island during the off-season, to feel the peace, freedom and enjoy life. All the beauty that Käringön has to offer then is lovely.

Camilla herself has not grown up on the island but was honored to celebrate all summer holidays and weekends on the island. She has been able to run barefoot, fish crabs, swim, sail, played in a wonderful environment that you wish everyone could experience. This sense of freedom has also been given to Camilla and her husband Tommy to pass on to their children Amanda & Rebecca. Even like all their relatives, they just love Käringön!

Kenth, who has ruled the boat for over 18 years, will now sail on calmer water & hand over the helm. Since we all grew up in a family with entrepreneurship at our fingertips, it is close at hand to push Karingo on. Karingo's history will continue to live through Camilla & Amanda, mother & daughter.

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